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 Attendance Software

We provide attendance software, which is capable to generate various reports like Particular Employee Wise, Date Wise, All Employees Reports etc.

For the above purpose we have three types of software solution.....

  1. Based on Chip cards,
  2. Based on Proximity cards &
  3. Based on Biometric System

Chip Card solution is based on the contact technology. Here the chip card will have to be interacted with the card reader. And the concerned information for the generation of the attendance reports will be stored in the reader. Once all the employees has used the cards, all the data will be uploaded to the PC with the help of supporting software. Finally the user can generate the reports.

Proximity based solution for the attendance system is comprises of PROXIMITY CARDS and PROXIMITY READER. Here no physical contact is required with the cards. It has a lot of advantages as listed below:

  1. Convenient: Cards need not to be removed from wallet or purse to operate the reader; cards may be presented at any angle; LED or LCD display lets you know card has been read.
  2. Flexible: Locate readers wherever you want them, indoors, out or behind the wall.
  3. Low Cost: Simple wiring, easy installation, no coax cable or tuning ever required.
  4. Reliable: It does not require battery in the card ; cards are powered by the reader.
  5. Secure: It is secure enough to hold all the data of the employees.

Various reports can be generated as the requirement like In & Out of the employee, Absences Report, Late Arrival etc.

ACCU Sign-In Biometric Solutions based on the user's physical or behavioral characteristic such as finger print. It fulfills the need of secure and convenient system. It uses state-of-the-art technology, scalable architecture that allows for adding more an more employees. Highly reliable and tested software. Doubly authenticated attendance recording using keypad and biometric sensor. It generates different reports like general attendance report, absentees report, latecomers reports etc.

ACCU Sign-In Is a time and attendance solution that identifies people through a biometric interface. An electronic scan matches a composite of the employee's fingerprint to ensure that employees are actually at work when their records show they are. The solution keeps track of employees checking in and out utilizing a schedule and other rules that are determined by the company.


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